Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Jessica Halter top Tutorial for 18in dolls

A few months ago, we were cleaning out my attic in order to make some room for a craft room for myself sometime in the future…. Probably after it stops being 105degrees up there, because without air conditioning, I couldn’t even bribe my (very helpful) husband to assist me with it. It needs outlets put in, flooring and walls… so just about everything. When I was up there with my daughter, she found my old American Girl doll from... ohhhh 20 years ago, haha. It was the original Molly, and line my irresponsible childhood, it only had one of the outfits (out of the say 10 my parents had bought me). But Mags was hooked! She’s been carrying it around everywhere ever since. She asked me one day for a dress for her and I started looking around for free patterns, to find… there aren’t all that many. So here is my first in a series of completely FREE American Girl (18in) doll patterns this is the Jessica Halter top, its paired with a pair of simple leggings, I’ll post the pattern/tutorial for those tomorrow Enjoy!

What you’ll need:

15x7in scrap of fabric
2 pieces of 1/4in elastic, 10inches long each
18 inches of ribbon

Start by laying the piece of fabric right side down and along the long side, draw a line along the legnth 3inches from the top, the mark at the center of that line
On that line, tack down one of the pieces of elastic at each end of the fabric. 
Pulling the fabric flat (stretching the elastic) use a 3 step zig-zag (the zig-zag that looks like its dotted) stitch down the center of the elastic (keeping the stitching on the elastic)
Fold the piece of fabric in half width-wise and stitch a seam to make a tube out of the fabric

Fold down the top length of the fabric piece 3/4in and run a line of stitches right along the fold all the way around, then another right below that 3/8in away from the last row of stitches. Leave about a 1 inch space open in this stitching.

Using a safety pin, thread the second piece of elastic through the casing, attach the ends of the elastic together and tuck that back into the casing. Close the hole you left open in the stitching.

Find the center point you marked. Lay the ribbon perpendicular to the lines of stitching, with the center of the ribbon at the bottom row of stitching of the elastic casing. Tack down the ribbon by stitching over it on keeping your stitches on the line of stitching below it.

Hem the bottom of the halter and you’re done!!! Tomorrow I’ll post the tutorial to the legging that make a perfect pairing with this adorable summery halter


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