Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Quick (and cheap!) Outdoor Update

I love my house. a lot, it’s a 1950’s cape cod style house, and its adorable. I have an awesome front porch with a cute porch swing that we use all the time. The exterior of the house is a unique red brick with mix of black bricks thrown in every now and then. I looooove the bright red brick, I hate those weird orange brick houses, and wouldn’t know the first thing about painting brick houses, so I’m glad I lucked out.

Anyway, the outside of my house, even being as cute as it is, is a bit boring. I have all these ideas to change the look of the front, but, I’m tired, I have a toddler (who loves to “help”) and am pregnant, so I need a quick and easy project to appease me. I’ve always wanted to have a bright colored front door, but never knew what color to go with, I was so worried that it would be the wrong color, so in turn, I just let my boring white door stay. After a while I seriously became fed up with it, so I decided to act. I had this idea that a light blue would be a perfect color, it wouldn’t fade in, but it also wouldn’t be too… weird. I did buy a back up plan- charcoal, and also had left over white, from another project. But after finishing up the one coat of blue, I seriously FELL IN LOVE! (I went on to finish a couple more coats, obviously) but I didn’t need the extra colors, this one was perfect. And even better, the entire project cost me only 6 dollars! I bought 2 jars of the paint samples from lowes, I probably should have bought the exterior paint, but seriously, that would have cost ATLEAST twice as much, I’m cheap. I figure that with the storm door, its not going to be getting the rain, so I didn’t have to worry so much. In a year or two if I’ve changed my mind paint is easy to cover up. So here it is! voila! Don’t you just love it!

Next up on the front porch, getting rid of the HIDEOUS grey indoor/outdoor carpet on the front steps!