Monday, November 18, 2013

Sweet Bonnie by Shwin Designs

I absolutely love testing for Shauna from Shwin designs, her designs are adorable and completely wearable, this pattern was part of the Pattern Anthology winder wonderland collection. 

the first thing I thought when I saw this pattern was AHHHHHH! ZIPPER!!!! After my heart attack subsided, I jumped into this pattern and the zipper was seriously no big deal AT ALL.  the visible zipper was put in, in such a way, that it is completely child's play. I love this top and it took me literally one and a half hours to complete, start to finish, with my children expecting me to actually.... parent.... them.  the collar is just enough vintage to make me happy and it is just loose and flow-y enough to be play worthy that makes my daughter happy.  so here are some pictures!!

Madonna Ruffle Tunic from Shwin Designs

A while back I did a pattern for Shwin Designs, one of my ALL TIME favorite designers, and boy, did she hit one out of the park.  it is an adorable slouchy tunic with an adorable ruffle bottom.  I made it with a 4-way stretch knit material, it drapes very nicely, but its a bit heavy for this pattern (because of all the ruffles), at least on the size 2 that I made.  the pattern was super easy to sew up and was very easy to follow.  it would be a GREAT first time knit sew-er project.  so without further a-do, some pictures :)

as you can tell, VERY playtime worthy and she absolutely loves it.  And I have to admit, it goes great with the motorcycle boots she refuses to ever take off :)